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About us

Farmers Direct is an online marketplace to buy and sell farm-grown, hand crafted, small batch food.  We built it to support independent farmers and food artisans.  We built it to make fresh, healthy food super accessible.  We built it to put a small dent in the giant mass-robot production of our food. 

When we sit down at the table with our families we want to know that our meat was raised in a humane way and that a small farmer picked our vegetables and that someone hand made our pies with care and real ingredients.  We want to know where our food came from, who raised it, what it was fed.  We want transparency and we want farmers and artisans to sell direct so that they get fair pricing for their food and live extraordinary lives.

Farmers Direct is all these things.  It provides a place to go, anytime, anywhere and support these farmers and food artisans directly - all while eating like you have never eaten before.  It is a true farm to fork experience. Do something good for your body and something good for someone else.  Do it here, with us.  Break bread from FarmersDirect.net.